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. >> oh, yeah, great. tavis: danny boyle and i had a great conversation about this one night on this program. so i've kind of played around the edges with this, and i can see how digital allows for things that heretofore have not existed. you mentioned "avatar" early in this conversation. so i get that. the flip side of that though is that while it's true that nothing we see coming out of hollywood is real i mean, it's all hollywood, these are actors and these are stories that are being told so nothing is really real in that sense, but i wonder how it ultimately impacts the movie profession, the actors. you're in front of and behind the camera these days. one day you could completely be written out. if everything is "avatar" like and you get to create characters and nothing is as it appears, what's it do for people actors and et cetera in this business? >> yeah, it starts to grow. the ideas start simply and then the possibilities of it are is it a virtual actor, the idea of real becomes even it just starts going. because the artificiality can be presented so real, and tha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)